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Thank you! The Westerlund & Zdenek team is very aware of the hard work you’ve put in and we appreciate the opportunity you give us time and again to compliment your work with the same level of dedication and passion to serve our common clients. We understand that your expertise and guidance has delivered your clients to our door, and we will do everything we can to make the final steps of the closing process easy for you to do what you do best, and to make you look great to your clients.

Our partnership commitment to you

We want you and your clients to feel like you have an in-house legal team seamlessly guiding parties to a successful closing. We proactively communicate and we use the latest technology to ensure that information is protected and secure and saves you time. Forms and information containing personal information submitted on our website or via email are protected by our encryption standards which exceed those required by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Your commissions

We understand how important it is for you to receive your commissions promptly upon closing. Our Buyer’s Agent Information Sheet and Seller (Listing) Agent Information Sheet each provides for a simple and easy way for you to communicate how commissions are to be split and paid on a given closing. If you have a Disbursement Authorization, we must receive this at least 3 days prior to the closing date.

We offer three convenient ways to receive your commissions: in-office pickup as soon as we notify you that recording has taken place, wire transfer to your account or overnight mail. While we never charge agents a fee to wire commissions, we do charge a fee for overnight mail.

Our client care commitment to you

We feel we give clients the best of tradition by providing a personal lawyer-client experience as well as the best of the latest technology to streamline what can be an overwhelming document-heavy process in order to deliver top flight client service. We love it when brokers make Westerlund & Zdenek Law their preferred settlement agent because we have learned over two decades that when there is a strong relationship between the closing attorney and the broker, the client benefits.

Westerlund & Zdenek Law prides itself on educating our clients about the real estate closing process and ensuring our clients know what they are signing at closing and why. To that end, we’ve made is simple for your clients to quickly find answers to their real estate closing questions in advance of closing through our comprehensive FAQs for Real Estate buyers and Real Estate sellers. 

We strive to make the process leading up to closing as easy as possible for you and our clients through our interactive website Real Estate forms for buyers and sellers to submit their information safely and securely in an encrypted manner, and our easy online scheduling tool which allows you to schedule your closings without the need to call our office. 

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